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Gone Phishing.

How many times have you checked our Facebook accounts and seen that a friend had either A) commented on a status with “Omg have you seen this video posted about you? It’s hilarious! or B) received a message from a friend about how they have “made thousands of dollars working from their home computer and you can too?”

It has certainly happened more than once to me. Phishing and spamming are everyday encounters for the frequent Internet and social media user. From herbal enhancements to new feline cancer treatments, spam messages filter their way into our accounts and onto our browsing screens.

Now, imagine a world where the websites you frequent most such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn could eliminate phishing.

An article called, “Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Bank of America team to whip out phishing,” published online by Computer World on Jan. 30 states some of our favorite companies are working to get rid of those emails, messages, and hacked statuses we so frequently encounter.

What makes this headline eye-catching? This story stands out among the conglomeration of Internet news because it begins with sites heavily frequented, which initially draw us in. It is succinct, intriguing, and especially relevant to Internet news browsers who inevitably become phishing targets. Further, it succeeds in drawing in its target audience: Internet users by offering adequate information and encouraging further reading.

Let’s just hope the information contained in the article actually comes into fruition and saves us, and our friends, from Internet phishing.