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When words aren’t enough…

When words are not enough and pictures do not exist, infographics are an appropriate and eye-catching alternative for conveying information.  Infrographics are used to convey large portions of information in a way that breaks it down for readers into digestible pieces. An infographic should be used when the following conditions exist:

  1. There are five or more statistics
  2. When statistics could be better represented in a pie graph
  3. When there is no accompanying story to an interesting group of statistics
  4. When attention can be captured better through statistics than through reading an article
  5. There is no accompanying story to a group of statistics
  6. There are no actual photographs to a group of statistics
  7. If the information is something that could or should be saved and adhered to by readers, i.e. readers desire to cut out the infographic and post it on their refrigerator or in their office for reference
  8. When reading can be hastened through graphics
  9. When information can be better processed through graphics
  10. When the information from the infographic can translate into a variety of different stories
  11. When the infographic can use images that spur childhood memories
  12. When images are more recognizable than words, i.e. logos, brand fonts, etc.
  13. When there is additional space in the paper

When three or more of the above conditions are met, adhere to this style guide.


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